Business Process Management

Hit two birds with one stone! Properly applying business process management to your company can conveniently aid both target clients and business firms alike. Having an end to end process that can actively point out what your customer wants and make it work for the benefit of the company is one of the simple formulas for success. Run your business with a sharp approach using this method.

This process offers a sense of balance and continuity to your business. Balance in a way that the cycle of expenses, costs and tasks are in perfect harmony. The procedure allows your business to be constantly balanced by adjusting factors that can get always get your company back on track. Continuity is expressed through having a steady and consistent flow of work that is produced through this process. Growth and development does not cease within the company, it just goes round like a wheel, constantly changing and improving.

It is a straight forward process that can effectively determine the necessary steps that your company has to take so that it can deliver what your client requires of you. It is the kill switch of all business battle plans as having a competent business process management can either make or break your company. This is a tool that can help your employees understand their specific duties so that they can accomplish their work more effectively.

It is a constantly evolving mechanism that allows your organization to constantly improve and develop so that you are able to meet your goals in an efficient manner. It also expresses qualities of adaptability, as steps and processes can vary over a period of time depending on the current needs of the company. Successfully track your company’s standing and act upon weak spots and exploit strong points.

Dynamically identify and organize future actions plans for your company. The process allows you to forecast future challenges within your company so that you can take the necessary action to preempt these future problems form from happening. This is a most useful attribute that can definitely give your business the edge over the competition.

More About Business Process Outsourcing

It’s BPO that has developed as a new buzz word. It is something that offers benefits to every business. Did you ever wonder what is business process outsourcing all about? So have a close look at this article. To be very specific, BPO in simple words defines a process through which a company is found to transfer some of its non core or peripheral business processes.

When talking about the non core business operations, it naturally refers to the back office operations to a third party vendor. This is one process that offers the outsourcing service providers to take the total control over certain processes that stands significant for every business in terms of its growth and development. Nowadays, most third world destinations are found to include the major names of the service providers in this global market.

What makes business process outsourcing popular?

Business process outsourcing includes a range of specialized services starting from call center functions to the transaction processing and much more. Apart from these, the back office operations, telemarketing, the customer relationship management, payroll maintenance, billing, accounting, HR management, finance, logistics management, supply chain management, medical transcriptions are some of the other activities that are being efficiently carried out on a day to day basis by such firms.

The current industry trends shows us that, most of the things that are being outsourced by a company usually makes business process outsourcing stand out of the given rest. Hence, business process outsourcing stands to be one of the major segments in the entire outsourcing market. It is there to deliver whenever your business needs a boost.

Benefits of hiring a BPO:

By outsourcing the back office operations to the major third world destinations, most companies will be able to get huge cost cuts. Bestowing some of their business operations on the third party outsourcing vendors help companies to concentrate on the core activities leaving behind the worries of certain peripheral activities.

With the help of outsourcing, the BPO vendors will be able to offer better customer satisfaction thereby leading to the customer retention, increased profitability, customer retention and more. Industry reports suggest that by means of outsourcing the business processes to the countries like China, Philippines and India, most companies will be able to enjoy a cut on the operational costs thereby resulting in huge profits.

There is doubt why business process outsourcing is so much hyped. These days, most organizations, no matter how much big or small they are, have learnt about the growing advantages of outsourcing in their own business operations. These companies are on its way taking a huge dive into this industry.

Improving a Business Process

If you are new to business process work, you may be eager to focus immediately on how you can improve a process, but resist jumping in too quickly to see what you can fix. You first want to know the baseline, so you can see whether your improvements work. To establish your baseline, start by identifying the boundaries so that you understand the start and end of the process, drawing the map so that you have identified the activities involved, estimating how long the process takes and how much it costs, and validating that the information you have collected is correct before moving to the improvement step.

Improving a business process is similar to losing weight. You know that you have to change your daily routine. You may change your eating habits and eliminate dessert, add an exercise like jogging, or partner with a friend for motivation. The same kind of evaluation has to occur to improve a business process.

There are many techniques that you can use, to look for improvement opportunities including:

eliminating bureaucracy (even though it is easier said than done, it is possible)
evaluating value-added activities (what the customer or client really cares about)
eliminating duplication and redundancy (why do things twice)
simplifying everything (or KISS – keep it simple )
reducing cycle time (a key concern of customers or clients)
looking at how you can automate the process

Of course, you can use any technique that you find useful, but I have found these six methods consistently helpful. I like to apply each of the techniques one at a time and in a certain order because doing so helps to make sure that you wring every last drop of improvement out of each one. So, spend time challenging bureaucracy; determine which activities add value to your customers/clients; look for opportunities to reduce the number of employees doing the same thing, simplifying forms, or streamlining a step in the process; and set a cycle time reduction target.

One question you have to deal with in process improvement is around technology:

Does the technology drive the process?


Does the process drive the technology?

If you have been involved in a large system implementation, then you have probably seen the technology drive the process. I feel that you should only automate an efficient, not an inefficient process, so I prefer the latter.